Surgery Care Package

SLH Surgery Care PackageOne of the primary missions of Saving Little Hearts is to send care packages to the families of babies and young children who are about to undergo open heart surgery to correct a congenital heart defect.

We send out thousands of packages all over the United States of America, and each package we send costs Saving Little Hearts roughly $40 in materials and shipping.

The feedback we’ve received from families who have received these packages is so positive and appreciative — because we know from personal experience what the things are that these families will need.

Receiving a Surgery Care Package

Please contact us if you or someone you know is in need of receiving a Surgery Care Package.

Supporting our Care Package Program

Please help us to keep these caring gifts of love and support flowing to those families who need them.

A contribution of $40 will pay for one package plus shipping.

More About Care Packages

Saving Little Hearts provides surgery care packages to children undergoing open heart surgery.

For 2017, our goal is to distribute over 1,000 care packages this year to children across the United States. Care packages include many items such as toys and coloring books, stuffed animal, playing cards, various heart defect literature for both children and parents, pens and journals, toiletries and other useful items.

If your child is about to undergo open heart surgery and you would like to request a surgery care package, please fill out our form here or contact SLH! The care package will be mailed directly to the hospital the day of your child’s surgery after confirmation is made that the surgery date has not been changed. If the surgery date has been changed please let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure the package arrives when you are at the hospital.

If you or your school or organization would like to donate items for these packages, please download our Surgery Care Package info sheet to distribute to your group or ask us for more information! Some of the items needed for the care packages are: crayons, playing cards, non-melting snacks (gum, crackers, peanuts, sweet tarts, etc), word find puzzle books, phone cards, disposable cameras with flash, antibacterial lotion or hand wipes, and travel size toiletry items.

Also, we now have an option to sponsor a care package. If you are interested in sponsoring a package click here.

View the many generous companies, foundations and individuals who have donated to this worthy program.